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[Workplace Safety Essay] Two Short Essays on Industrial Safety

A Short Essay On Industrial Safety

❶A preliminary investigation of the relationship between selected organizational characteristics and whistleblowing by employees.

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This combination of human high risk behavior and lack of company care…… [Read More]. Difference between the OHS Act, the OHS egulation and COP and legal requirements The occupational health and safety act was passed by parliament to secure and promote health, welfare and safety of employees while at work.

It also protects employees from health and safety risks in the workplace. OHS regulation is the law which must be followed by employers, workers, insurers, and manufacturers which must be met both under the legislation and regulations.

They provide the general requirements of the…… [Read More]. Occupational Safety and Health Act. It is involved in enforcing effective standards, assist and foster employers to maintain safe and healthful working conditions and to provide necessary environment for its effective enforcement, research, information, education and training in the area of occupational safety and health.

By means of this Act the California workers have been guaranteed that they would have the rights to attain orientation training from the employer in relation to the workplace hazards and the rights of the labor force. They might request for the necessary information in relation to the injuries and illnesses in the workplace. Also information on hazardous substances in the workplace like material safety data records could also be requested. The workers also have the right to request the employer for taking up corrective measures and methods for avoiding hazards.

Promoting Safety Is One of. Although employees need to be in charge of their own safety, management must use many different techniques to reinforce the procedures and methods by which employees can strengthen their approach to safety. One such method is through reporting hazards, in which employees are encouraged through rewards and gratitude to report any possible hazards within the workplace. Not only does this build a stronger bond between management at the specific employee, it shows that management is equally committed to the issue of worker safety.

By reinforcing training sessions with handouts, videos and also a constant stream of safety messages through the workplace, employees will feel an obligation towards maintaining safety on the…… [Read More]. Occupational Health and Safety the. Patients may experience discomfort due to both environmental factors such as privacy requirements, lighting, noise, ventilation etc.

As well as personal factors such as age, disease, surgery, stress etc. Nurses can help in many ways including helping patients change to comfortable positions in their bed, turn off lights, provide relaxation by playing music, provide emotional support by listening to patient's concerns, etc.

Effective pain management is critical for improving the comfort levels of patients and in helping them to rest their bodies well. Nurses should take appropriate action to ensure optimal pain care. Hegner, pg ] Healthcare Ergonomics Healthcare ergonomics is a fast developing field.

The increasing number of injuries sustained…… [Read More]. Management of Health and Safety. It is essential fo company manages, safety pactitiones and manufactuing enginees to be infomed of and gain sufficient knowledge about cuent eseach developments in this field and implement safety stategies as well as systems to minimize occupational health and safety isks.

Bie; Kuneuthe; Phimiste, ; Stellman, 17 Active and pocedual isk management stategies ae impotant elements in any manufactuing unit. Active isk management efes to implementing intelocks, alams and mitigation systems that can detect a hazad and immediately shut down o set the system into a safe position. Pocedual isk management efes to implementing safety checklists, opeato taining, standad opeating pocedues and seveal such people dependent management systems.

Ceating "inheently safe design stategies" in a manufactuing unit would involve fou key stategies. These ae minimizing, modeating, substituting and simplifying systems. Bie; Kuneuthe; Phimiste, ; Stellman, 17 Despite all safety guidelines, accidents still occu mainly as a esult of human complacence…… [Read More].

Violence in the Workplace. They're subjected to numerous safe practices risks, such as violence. Current records point out that hospital personnel are at high-risk for encountering violence at work. A number of reports say that violence normally takes place during periods of higher activity as well as communication and interaction with individuals, for example at meals and throughout visiting hours along with patient transport.

Attacks can happen whenever services are rejected, whenever a client is involuntarily accepted, or whenever a healthcare employee tries to set limitations on consuming, drinking, or even tobacco or alcohol consumption USDOL, Background isks for Workplace Violence Patient risks consist of those intoxicated by alcohol and drugs, prior reputation of violence, psychological diseases for example schizophrenia, gang member, use of firearms, and city youthful male of lesser socioeconomic position.

Environmental risks such as…… [Read More]. With the ever-changing health care sector, reimbursement has increasingly been tied to care quality and health care outcomes.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services CMS have particularly been changing the way hospitals are reimbursed, with hospitals that deliver high quality care and report better health outcomes getting higher reimbursements than those that perform poorly. This has led to increasing prominence of the pay-for-performance approach. Under this approach, hospitals that report greater patient satisfaction, reduced error rates, lower readmission rates, and higher recovery rates for chronic illness get higher reimbursements than their poorly-performing counterparts.

The implication is that health care organizations must pay greater attention to performance, especially in terms of quality, safety, and individual performance. Measurement and models used in the commercial world for these three aspects are considerably relevant to the health care sector.

Flight Line Ground Safety General. However, recent spot checks suggest that many operators are unaware of the risk and therefore have not taken precautions to prevent dangerous concentrations of CO NIOSH, This could prove to be fatal.

When employees are around aircraft it is important to practice the utmost safety, in order to ensure the safety of the ground crew, the people are on board of the aircraft, and all other employees involved in the handling of the flight line. Individuals must watch and listen for newly arriving or passing aircraft.

If driving, employees must keep a proper distance from the aircraft and drive slowly, at 5 miles per hour only AFOSH, Caution must also be taken with forklifts and k-loaders, as they must be lowered while aircraft is moving. When working at night and around hazardous equipment, employees must utilize luminous wands, practice safe driving techniques, as those mentioned above, and use…… [Read More]. Occupational Health and Safety Audit.

At which point, the Howard government would begin to pass a series of amendments to the Workplace Relations Act of Work Choices. This would change the relationship between employers and employees once more. Where, a number of new regulations were implemented to include: As far as occupational health and safety is concerned, this would change how employees would be defined…… [Read More]. Health and Safety the Main. The respondents also believed that premiums should be adjusted based on an organizations willingness to introduce and enforce health and safety standards.

Safety representatives-these representatives serve the purpose of serving notices or organizations when breaches in safety and health standards take place. Occupational Health and Rehabilitation -- a significant percentage or respondents believe that there needs to be greater access to occupational health services for employees. The respondents also believed that there should be a "new focus on the provision of rehabilitation services for injured and sick workers.

Financial Incentives-finally the respondents believed that employees needed financial incentives to encourage cooperation as it pertains to health and safety standards. The HSE used all of the information gathered to create new strategies for dealing with Health and Safety issues in the workplace. One of the primary trends that developed was that of enforcement.

In an effort to have…… [Read More]. Evolution of Construction Safety Regulations. On-the-job accidents "and even fatalities" were "an accepted fact of life in the construction industry" during the early s, writes author Richard Hislop on page 4 of his book, Construction Site Safety: A Guide for Managing Contractors.

Construction workers helping to build the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, for example, were in harm's way constantly. And since the…… [Read More]. Behavior-Based Safety Bbs Is a. Workplace risk, establishment size, and union density. British Journal of Industrial Relations, 42, -- Perceptions of safety at work: A framework for linking safety climate to safety performance, knowledge, and motivation.

Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, 5, -- The impact of organizational climate on safety climate and individual behavior. Safety Science, 34, 99 -- Empowerment, span of control and safety performance in work teams after workforce reduction. Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, 6, -- Organizational practices and their impact on workplace safety and productivity.

The effect of teamwork on safety processes and…… [Read More]. American business has grown over the past several decades, so have the number of laws, rules, and regulations governing the operation of such business. These laws and regulations are generally of types: These laws and regulations are often beneficial but they come at a cost. These costs are not always obvious but they include the cost of compliance as well as the increased risk of litigation. These costs affect all businesses no matter how large but they hit smaller businesses particularly hard.

The purpose of this paper will be to examine the various laws and regulations affecting employee safety in the United States and determine their advantages and disadvantages. Employment laws, regulations, and policies have become burdensome for American businesses. Guns in the Workplace. In my personal opinion, everybody is legally and morally entitled to own guns.

Constitution does delineate citizens' right to possess and carry arms -- a right that is often disregarded in the organizational context. In the year , timberland owner and timber-products manufacturer, Weyerhaeuser, based in Seattle, sacked a number of its Oklahoma factory workers for violating the company-stipulated prohibition against keeping arms in their automobiles.

These groups assert that individuals bearing a firearms license must be able to access their guns in the event they are really needed, while traveling back and forth between their homes and workplaces.

However, senior attorney working…… [Read More]. Benefits and Health Safety. Benefit Packages What are some of the key issues facing businesses today in terms of continuing to offer a competitive benefits package? Health care has emerged as one of the most important issues in contemporary American business in relation to competitive benefits packages. That is because under the current health care framework in the U.

Before the enactment of the Affordable Care Act ACA , only businesses employing at least 50 employees were required by law to provide group health insurance to their employees. That meant that smaller companies often were at a competitive disadvantage in attracting the best talent because employees value health insurance so much.

Since the enactment of the ACA, smaller companies will also be required to provide health insurance plans to avoid tax penalties for choosing not to do so Pickert, Injury and Illness Prevention Within the Workplace.

Unlike our predecessors in the mines and mills and factories - and even offices - we today expect our workplaces to be safe. We consider this a birthright - that our employers should design and monitor the workplace in such a way that we are allowed to do our job without any undue risk for ourselves.

And yet, of course, this is not a birthright but rather a legal protection that was fought for by workers and workers advocates including unions in previous generations. There seems to be little if any natural inclination of even good employers to ensure the safety of their workers, and it is for this reason that government regulations exist to protect workers. This research project examines one very specific example within the contemporary workforce of the ways in which government regulation is sometimes a necessary supplement - or bulwark - to the good intentions of…… [Read More].

Training Objectives Gaps in Workplace. Employees were unaware of how to properly signal to others when using a forklift for example, which type of fire extinguisher to use on a chemical fire, or what the difference in the emergency evacuation alarm sequence. Why training is the best way to address a performance gap since it ensures all employees are informed of the company policy in the same manner.

It also makes certain all employees are aware of any updates or enhancements to the training that may come along due to quality improvements or new regulatory rulings. With training individual and corporate skill levels can be assessed in a non-threatening and safe playing field. Where it is not required to directly confront any individual whether they be a supervisor, manager, senior member, or entry level employee. In the case of…… [Read More].

Physical Elements of the Workplace. The second category of elements in the physical workplace environment includes those that might either contribute to maximum safety or maximum risk of physical injury in the workplace.

Seemingly mundane elements such as the physical arrangement of furniture, choices of materials for carpeting and flooring, and the physical relationship between fixed objects and passage ways can be tremendously important to workplace safety. Is respect, Human Resource personnel must share a thorough conceptual understanding of how the workplace functions and of patterns of behavior to enable them to design functional and safe workplace environments.

The third category of elements in the physical workplace environment are those that are associated with potential risk of long-term chronic injuries, such as back and eye strain and neck, wrist, and hand injuries from prolonged periods working at a computer terminal. Conclusion Generally, it is always in the best interests of every organization to maximize the…… [Read More]. Workplace Accidents and Injuries.

Fatal and Nonfatal Workplace Accidents and Injuries No matter how responsible employers are, there are some jobs that are inherently dangerous. Combine that with the fact that human beings are fallible, and one sees that there will always be accidents and injuries in the workplace. However, workplace accidents and injuries encompass a broad range of events, from repetitive motion injuries to life-ending injuries. One of the interesting things to do is to examine the differences in fatal and non-fatal injuries, to try to determine if the risk of severity is linked to overall risk or if the risk of death is somehow almost separate from the risk of overall injury.

In order to compare fatal and non-fatal injuries, this paper examines several facets of injuries. The first thing examined is the overall number of injuries per state and whether a state's rank according to fatal injuries is linked to the…… [Read More]. The owner of the company was present at the site at the time of death but had provided no safety equipment or guidelines to the minor. Legally, she was prohibited from being in the hazardous environment because she was under A safety professional could have helped prevent the incident by recommending safe work practices.

This paper provides a summary of the NIOSH report, what was lost in terms of cost a life , what factors contributed to it, and how it could have been prevented. It concludes with a discussion on how safety professionals can be an effective workplace task force in companies like this one where oversight is sorely needed in order to mitigate risks associate with hazardous environments where loss of life could occur. Investigations related to incidents that occur at a certain worksite, help both workers and employers recognize the dangers and health risks along with limitations of their health and safety programs.

In most cases, the necessary preventive measures are identified and implemented to ensure that those incidents don't occur in the future. Investigating incidents with the aim of identifying their causes and finding preventive solutions increases productivity and the morale of the employees.

This is because it shows that the employer is committed to ensure a healthy and risk free workplace. Supervisors are mostly responsible for conducting investigations on these incidents. For the investigation to be successful, the employees and managers should cooperate and work together considering that they all have different perspectives, knowledge and understanding of the incident.

The team conducting the investigation should try to see beyond the incident's immediate cause. Most of the time there is the misleading…… [Read More]. Workplace the Statistics Are Sobering. Such results, if typical, would have a dramatic impact on the bottom line of any company that implements such programs.

Conclusion In our company, substance abuse by employees is a serious problem, and the impacts mirror those of other companies in the developed world.

There are pervasive negative effects on the culture of the organization as well, with employee resentment occurring, but yet not being manifested in either stigmatization or support. As with most firms, we understand that it is in all likelihood easier and cheaper to address substance abuse issues with the employee than it is to find, hire and train…… [Read More].

Workplace Injuries Has Been Increasingly. The different types of harm that could happen are when the author is discussing specific effects that this will have on unborn baby. Worker's Compensation is when there is a focus on having different provisions in place to ensure that women's health along with the fetus will not be impacted by the chemicals they are exposed to.

As, this policy is designed to ensure that corporations are not in violation of the law. While the various steps that can be taken under federal regulations is when someone who is exposed to these conditions is discussing what action women can take. These different elements are important, because they are illustrating…… [Read More]. Workplace Drug Screening Opinion. Drug Testing in the Workplace Most employers in the United States are not required to do drug testing on either current or potential employees, although the majority have the right to do so United States Department of Labor, Drug testing is not required under the Drug-Free Workplace Act of The Act can be confusing and challenging for employers, however, since it essentially states that any organization receiving federal grants or contracts must be drug-free but does not contain language that specifically allows for drug testing Thompson euters Many state and local governments limit or prohibit drug testing unless required for certain jobs with state or Federal governments.

Drug testing remains a controversial issue…… [Read More]. Workplace Safety View Full Essay. Defense Technical Information Center. Labor law in the U. Alphen aan den Rijn: Jones and Bartlett Publishers.

Health promotion in the workplace. Sources Nonprofit Risk Management Center. Improvements in workplace safety -- United States, Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report; Atlanta. A preliminary investigation of the relationship between selected organizational characteristics and whistleblowing by employees. Journal of Business Ethics v11n12,: The moral duty to provide workplace safety. Professional Safety, 46 8 , Abuses against workers taint U. Retrieved from the Human Rights Watch Web site: Retrieved from Government Printing Office website: Job hazard analysis OSHA References Culp, K, Brooks, M.

Traumatic injury rates in meatpacking plant workers. Psychological harm suffered by slaughterhouse employees and the possibility of redress through legal reform. Georgetown Journal on Poverty Law and Policy. Carpal tunnel syndrome and its relation to occupation: A systematic literature review. Participatory ergonomic intervention versus strength training on chronic pain and work disability in slaughterhouse workers: Study protocol for a single-blind, randomized controlled trial.

Vol 14 In this instance, there were significant issues with a conveyor belt, which resulted in a worker being severely injured.

The conveyor belt either did not have safeguards in place to protect against body parts that have been trapped or had failed versions of these safeguards. The systems management model of accident prevention urges those who manage these industrial systems to ensure that these systems are up to date, reliable, and overall implemented in a safe manner. By analysing this situation under this model, the reasons for this accident become apparent; additionally, methods that can be used to avert future accidents become apparent.

By ensuring that industrial machinery is implemented safely, workers become safer and workplaces are placed at lower liability. Because of this, it is in the best interest of all industrial workplaces to ensure that appropriate safeguards are used.

Recently, in Bossier City, Idaho, a man was killed by an industrial accident in a machine shop. The large piece of steel began to roll off of the flatbed trailer and rolled over the man, resulting in his untimely death. This accident can be discussed by analysing and discussing the energy damage model of accident causation. Under the energy damage model of accident causation, industrial accidents are discussed by considering the hazard in this case, a large, round piece of steel as a source of potentially damaging energy.

In this instance, the individuals who were working with the hazard lost control of the hazard, which resulted in the death of the worker.

To make the situation safer, various safeguards could have been implemented. First, when maneuvering such large, heavy, and potentially dangerous objects, this industrial company would benefit by using machinery to ensure that workers are safe. Because this employer has found that it can achieve and maintain a diverse workplace without the use of…… [Read More]. Laws and Regulations That Apply. More specifically, it stated that an individual who is under the care of any health organization, public or private, be it mental or physical health is subject to: Namely that information regarding his health or person cannot be revealed to others without his or her permission, and ii that there should be established procedures for the exercise of these privacy rights Ibid.

The advantages with HIPAA is that it gives individuals control over their health information, as well as establishing national standards that health care providers must comply with and helps to limit inappropriate manipulation of individual by health care facility or corruption of its ethical procedures. A problem with HIPAA, however, is that the mechanism used to authenticate a patient and to enable him access to his or her private records is the individual's social security identification.

This alone is problematic in that…… [Read More]. Keys to Success in Multinational Companies. In managing a multinational company in the food products industry, it is essential to implement a solid knowledge management system to ensure that as much relevant information as possible is handled in the most effective manner.

Issues that must be addressed to ensure the safety of the product and that optimum delivery to consumers is possible include: This paper will discuss the key benefits of creating a best practice policy on each of these described issues and will speculate on the major ramifications if such policies are not created.

This paper will also predict the significant ways in which the best practices policy created here will contribute towards the long-term sustainability of the company. Finally this paper will determine whether or not the…… [Read More].

Human Resources What would you do to ensure that you were well versed in the legal regulation of business and U. In order for a country to realize its investment potential, a stable macroeconomic environment is essential.

To reduce poverty and accelerate growth appropriate policies in institutions, good governance and property rights all contribute towards a positive investment climate Mattioli, Lately, improved worker rights have turned out to contribute higher productivity growth, and therefore faster economic growth, better distribution of income amongst people as well as between workers and firms.

In addition, the outcome is a more stable and strong local demand Employers must offer the employees with a workplace that is free from discrimination and harassment, where all the employment decisions are made of basis of merit.

Working environment should be such that all employees have the opportunity to perform to their maximum potential. An ideal…… [Read More]. Nondiscrimination principles are to be implemented for non-U. When employers enter contracts with the federal institution, the details of each contract would be negotiated based on the specifics of each collaboration. The following represent some of the more notable regulations: Lie detector tests are usually prohibited for use by the private employers Whistleblowers cannot be discriminated against within the workplace as a result of a filed complaint When plants close or mass layouts are completed, employees receive a 60 days notice calendar days …… [Read More].

Corporate Manslaughter Bill Research Organisation. The benefit of creating the term at this point is that lawmakers and prosecutors and defense lawyers will all be aware of the growth of the term as it moves through the judicial birth canal and is delivered in its full meaning, with all its parts in working order and ready to be tested at trial. Draft Corporate Manslaughter Bill Important as the corporate manslaughter bill is to many people, it seems to receive much more talk than action.

In , Prime Minister Tony Blair promised to make the corporate manslaughter bill a priority, and that they would ensure it reached the statute books by The bill itself provides some of the parts need to make the overall concept of corporate manslaughter work, such as providing definition to certain corporate figure, like who is a Chairman, Managing Director, Chief Executive or Secretary of the Company.

The Bill makes possible…… [Read More]. Employees Use the Degree. A very important point is that online learning can be done individually or in groups for example video conferences. In general, in order to make a career choice one should be informed about the world of professions. Information about the profession that appears the most interesting and appropriate should be gathered.

If possible, it would be important to read interviews or talk to people with similar jobs for a more accurate and realistic image. Another important part in a career choice is to assess individual strengths and weaknesses. For the persons in search for a career it is important to identify the skills they have and they most enjoy using. The career identified should be compatible with the interests and skills identified.

In conclusion, a person who…… [Read More]. Government intervention is no guarantee that the company will be able to overcome these obstacles. Billions of dollars have been given to the company in an effort to save it from further demise.

However, capital alone will not save the company, there must be a strategic effort of the management to properly restructure the company to ensure that GM can recover. Such a recover is going to require a very specific Strategic Plan. Such a plan will be detailed thoroughly in the remainder of this report. Chapter III Strategic Plan Strategic Plan Although there is a great deal of negativity surrounding GM and the ability of the company to recover from its current situation, with the proper strategic plan the company can improve its situation.

However, to develop an effective…… [Read More]. Health Care in Canada An. These needs are only beginning to be addressed in Canada and while there do not appear to be many well-established initiatives there is a growing recognition of the need for such if Canada's healthcare sector is to gain and retain the necessary workers to deliver optimal healthcare in Canada. Ethics of Global Business.

Expatriate HR The author of this report has been asked to consider a situation where a number of expatriates will be brought on to work with the company at a new subsidiary that has just been established. As part of that new subsidiary being brought online, there is to be a designing and implementation of a comprehensive human resources program that covers two out of four major points. Those points will be recruitment and selection, training and development, performance management and reward and compensation.

For the purposes of this report, the main focuses will be performance management and training and recruiting and selection. The selection of those two items will be justified, the challenges of implementing challenges related to the same will be explained, it will be explained the benefits that will rise as part of the programs and a few other things. While there are other important facets to…… [Read More]. Sales Management Motivating the Sales Force. Motivating the Sales Force Motivating the sales force is often based on providing the sales force with rewards based on performance and this is an important motivational tool.

At the same time, it must be recognized that for this to be effective, other needs must first be taken care of. To investigate this idea further, several motivational theories will be described with each applied to the sales force. This will be followed by a description of how a sales force can best be motivated and what factors need to be present for maximum motivation. The first motivational theory to be considered is Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory. This theory states that there are five levels of needs that an individual moves through.

The first level is physiological needs, which refers to the basic need for food and shelter. The second level is safety needs, which includes having job…… [Read More].

Risk Minimization and Loss Prevention. At least she will look good standing before the sentencing judge: Denise spent a great deal of her illegal loot on head-to-toe cosmetic surgery. She blew the rest on a shiny new Lexus, luxury vacations, clothing and jewelry. And, of course, Denise had to have a big house to store all of her finery.

United States Postal Service Summary. The continuing economic recession that began in in the United States greatly exacerbated that revenue problem as people reduced their unnecessary use of postal services and increased their use of private-sector competitors such as United Parcel Service UPS and Federal Express FedEx.

The USPS already has formal plans to adopt such mechanisms by the year , but those plans preceded the economic crisis of and the precipitous nature of funding issues affecting its operations in the current political climate. In that regard, the USPS is also saddled with significant pension obligations that have inspired considerable attention in…… [Read More].

Ethics and Management and Ethics. Therefore, corporations have had to change their viewpoints and start looking at the long-term consequences of their behavior, as well as looking at the bottom line. Businesses also have to be concerned because consumers have also become aware of environmental concerns, and many consumers are demanding earth-friendly products and have shown a willingness to pay more money to competitors who observe environmentally-friendly practices.

Interestingly enough, this demand has given rise to its own ethical dilemma; because there is no real regulation regarding what a product must do to be regarded as earth-friendly, companies determine which of their own products are environmentally friendly.

The result is that some products are labeled "green" or "organic" even though they have been produced in a normal manner, which means that consumers are likely to pick them over competing products, and may even pay a premium price for those items.

Therefore, it is clear that…… [Read More]. CSR and the Disney Company. Walt Disney Company CSR The Company Walt Disney Company began as a small cartoon studio in , produced its first sound-synchronized short five years later, its first full-color cartoon short in for which it received an Academy Award, and from there the Company catapulted to greatness with hits such as Snow White, Dumbo and Pinocchio. Disney expanded into live-action production, television, theme parks, and global productions over the decades with Walt Disney World among its major attractions, even as it grew the Disney Channel, merged with ABC in , purchased Pixar in , acquired Marvel Entertainment in and LucasFilms in rebooting the Star Wars franchise.

The vision of the company is to be a "leading diversified international family entertainment and media enterprise," consisting of media networks, parks, resorts, studios,…… [Read More]. Kirk v Industrial Court Analysis. Occupational Health Law Analysis Occupational safety would seem to be simple to many but it is actually a quite complex subject and takes on many forms and levels of responsibility. Indeed, both the employees and employer alike have their burdens to meet in terms of preparation, procurement and safety of resources and when they must or must act in a certain way so as to uphold the security and safety of everyone in the company with people directly in harm's way being the ones that must be protected the most vigilantly.

While employees bear a strong burden to protect themselves as well as others in the workplace, there are several dimensions that ultimately fall on the employer without fail at some level or another…… [Read More]. Controlling Violent Health Care Patients and Employees This is a paper discussion on the identification and control of violence amongst health care patients and employees.

It has 11 sources. An Introduction to Violence Violence has become a common feature of our society found in every area of the nation from quiet neighborhoods in the suburbs to the urbanized cities of the U.

To make the matter worse, the media including radio, TV, private cable networks, have become a part of the culture that promotes the concepts of violence, if there is no violence exhibited in either every day programs then these programs, including those of children are presumed to be a failure.

Hence, it would not be wrong to assume that our entire culture has been virtually gripped in a sphere of violence to which there is no end. This culture of violence continues despite the fact that the sociologists…… [Read More]. The country is rich in natural resources -- tin, rubber, natural gas, tungsten, and timber being a few examples. The country is a major source for agricultural products1a. At the same time, the country…… [Read More].

Employee Privacy Torts Issues relating to employee privacy have been at the forefront of businesses for many years. This has been fuelled by the dynamic workplace which changes constantly and also by employees and employers being more litigation-conscious. Technology has also spurred on employee privacy issues with e-mail and the internet being related to heightened concerns about vulnerability of employers to litigation. Many employers have thus exacerbated their concerns relating to employee privacy and especially monitoring of employee behavior.

Employee privacy is respected in many of the large corporations. However, there still exist some breaches in employee privacy. Small business owners are at most risk as a result of their increased monitoring practices and close employer-employee interaction. Historical background Roberson v. Rochester Folding Box Company One of the major cases that brought employee privacy to the limelight was Roberson v. Ergonomics in UK Leisure Centres.

Employees should be trained in providing them with adult supervision while they take part in the activities here. Swimming pools of various sizes and depth levels can be included in this location. Daycare facilities can also be located on this floor, or close to it.

It is important to include an intercom system from the children's and daycare floors, so that parents can be notified instantly if a child is in need of direct parental intervention. Baby changing rooms, and breastfeeding space can also be provided on these floors. Children's restrooms should be provided on a smaller size scale than adult facilities. Young adults and adults can be accommodated near the middle of the building, with their various activities and needs catered for on these floors.

Normal-sized indoor swimming can also be arranged here. Basically, no less than three floors should be used to integrate the various needs of the…… [Read More]. Here, "the governing statute and formal regulations give OSHA wide freedom at higher agency levels to make decisions and formulate programs concerning the inspection of workplaces.

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Workplace safety is a priority in for most workplaces that is why employers care about employee’s safety. Workplace safety is a kind of management responsibility in places of employment that includes health and safety of workers.

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Read this essay on Workplace Safety. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more. Only at". Work Safety essays The International Labor Office (ILO) suggests that every year two million lives are affected due to accidents and illnesses related to work. Work-related injuries also cost the world economy around $ trillion which is equal to $1,, million US dollars.