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Simple Steps to Writing, Revising and Editing an essay

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Why is paper revision necessary?

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Revising Your Paper WHY AND HOW TO REVISE Most of us who compose on a computer understand revision as an ongoing, even constant process. Every time you hit the delete button, every time you cut and paste, every time you Perhaps we've answered the question "Why should I revise?" The next question, of course.

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Revising is focusing on many elements in your draft. Does everything in your paper support your thesis, or have you gone off the topic? No matter how much you like a .

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Why Do I Need to Revise? Until kids finally “get” the value of revising, they’ll probably resist—but that doesn’t mean it will always be the case. Though they need to be taught the benefits of self-editing, they must also discover for themselves how much better their writing sounds when they replace dull words or rephrase an awkward sentence. So revision is a chance for you to look critically at what you have written to see: if it’s really worth saying, if it says what you wanted to say, and; if a reader will understand what you’re saying. The process What steps should I use when I begin to revise? Here are several things to .

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Most people find it easier to revise from a paper copy, so print your draft double- or triple-spaced. Read it through carefully, making notes for changes in the margins or in the spaces between the lines; then go back to the computer to make the changes. Writing and revising a paper is a messy and time-consuming process, and this is exactly why some people experience anxiety about writing long papers. Revising a Paper. Search the site GO. Sometimes good revision starts with good old cut and paste. Does My Paper Flow?