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The Customer Connection

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Participate in exclusive programs, product trials, and events. Be part of cutting edge technology by partnering with Cisco to make better products for you. Advisory Groups Influence Product Direction Participate in small advisory groups that work closely with Cisco product, user experience, and documentation teams.

Member Resources The private member community highlights resources to help you stay up-to-date and manage your Cisco Collaboration, Enterprise Networks, Security and Data Center solutions. Check the community often to learn about new resources.

Submit your product enhancement ideas. Vote on ideas from other Customer Connection members. What Members Have To Say. This broadens the horizon and allows to contribute and benefit. See all Community News. Supply primary cable, except for multi-family sites, where the customer supplies the primary cable. Supply, install, and terminate all padmount equipment. Supply Current Transformers and Potential Transformers Supply and install revenue metering equipment.

Typical installations include homes and small commercial applications. Install and maintain all intermediate poles and associated hardware, including racks, anchors, and downhauls with only secondary conductors attached. Supply and install overhead secondary conductors and make the final connection at the transformer and weatherhead.

Supply, install, and maintain all high-voltage utility equipment, including conductors, transformers, and switches. Install and maintain all intermediate poles, anchors, and downhauls with highvoltage primary conductors attached on the line side of the point of service. Supply Current Transformers and Potential Transformers. Supply and install revenue metering equipment. Aerial Service Guide Back to Top. This is a secondary underground service fed from an existing transformer, new transformer, or pedestal installed on City of Edmonton property.

Typical installations include homes and small to medium commercial applications. This typically includes all trenching, ducting, pull boxes, and grounding. The customer owns and maintains all secondary works on private property. Terminate all secondary conductors at the transformer or pedestal.

EDTI owns and maintains all revenue metering equipment. Typical installations include very large commercial applications where the demand load will exceed 2, KVA to one building, an industrial lot with a single customer, or a commercial lot with a single customer. Supply and install primary cable to the line side of the main switchgear. Terminate our primary cable at the customer's switchgear. Supply Currenty Transformers and Potential Transformers.

Supply and install Current Transformers and Potential Transformers. The network area extends from 97 to Street and from 97 to A Avenue in downtown Edmonton. Typical installations include medium to large commercial applications. This typically includes all trenching and ducts. The customer owns and maintains all secondary ducts on private property. Supply and install secondary conductors and make the final connection at the transformer or ring bus and the customer's switchgear.

Network Service Guide Back to Top. An unmetered service only available to the City of Edmonton and communication utility companies. Pre-coordination with the CAO is necessary to ensure the updated topologies, CAP package artifacts, and risk decision artifacts are updated and available for the connection approval decision.

To update the registration for existing connections, use the following processes: This checklist provides the key activities that must be performed by the Mission Partner or DoD Component sponsor during the connection approval process:. The Network Topology Diagram document should:. For more information go to the following link: Indicate and label all of the devices, features, or information; minimum diagram size: Customers are not required to register for each mission after initial registration.

The authorization is valid thru the ATO revocation and or expiration. Any changes to equipment configuration affecting enclave security posture of the system resulting in a new ATO will require registration in the SGS database. The questionnaire provides baseline data for engineering teams to work with mission partners while the NFG Policy Spreadsheet identifies the firewall posture of the.

NFG which will support mission partners. Should applicable PPSM not be identified, the corresponding services will not be available. The NFG supports both logical and physical connections.

These tunnels extend existing Mission Partner connection s to the NFG and the traffic will flow to the NFG on a slightly different path than originating from physical connections. Encryption is also available for logical connections if required by the Mission Partner.

Mission Partners are required to maintain a direct physical connection to a DISN node to be eligible for a logical connection. Logical connections through sponsors or other DoD agencies are not supported.

Logical connection use cases are as follows:. A commercial circuit extends from the customer to the DISN node. Physical connection use cases are as follows:. Refer to the DSF website https: The mission partner must first register for access to the DSF site using the following link: The TSR initiates the process of identifying Mission Partner requirements and provisioning the new NFG circuit paths based on the approved engineering design and connection approval package.

Use of the unclassified DITPR is preferred for registration of all information systems including classified systems.

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The Customer Connection (TCC) TCC is the most innovative and experienced relationship marketing team available. We are in the business of competitive advantage.

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Welcome to Customer Connect, NOAH’S new way of connecting clients with the NOAH’S preferred vendor network. We look forward to helping everyone find the right vendor to make their event at NOAH’S extraordinary.

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Booz Allen Hamilton's annual study of the world's largest corporate R&D spenders finds two primary success factors: aligning the innovation model to corporate strategy and listening to customers every step of the way. For over 30 years, The Customer Connection (TCC) continues to develop and administer Customer Relationship Marketing programs that meets clients specific need, which includes Loyalty, Gift Card, eCommerce services, Birthday programs and Email marketing for over thousands of restaurants, hospitals, retail, and major tennis events throughout .

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The customer connection requests are submitted to the CAO in the form of a SNAP or SGS registration and uploading of the CAP package. This package provides the CAO the information necessary to make a connection approval decision. The Customer Connection Community is a community of trusted advisors who will help us shape U.S. Bank. Come and share your feedback.