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❶Provide any necessary context. In your conclusion, try to show how this narrow discussion has wider implications for the work overall.

The Birthmark Essay: The Paradox of Perfection and Nature

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What subtleties might potentially be written into this descriptive passage? What criticism theories can we apply to this passage to enhance our critical thinking? One of the most popular criticisms used with this piece is that of Feminist Criticism. Feminist Criticism takes literature and underscores it with tones of female repression and abuse, mostly from males, and the general victimization of women versus the overbearing, cruel dominance of men.

Even from a first glance at this passage, one can see that this passage could easily be attacked by feminist critics. While he may love Georgiana, his word is law, and what he wants for her is what he executes. In this passage especially, there is a focus on Georgiana needing to reach an impossibly high standard of perfection to even be considered delightful.

It did not matter that she was beautiful. It did not matter that she was kind, compassionate, loving, and loyal. The effects of these positive traits paled in comparison to the negative feelings that even just one tiny blemish brought on. This level of expectation is a heyday for feminist criticism. To be held to such high expectations can be considered both controlling and abusive. For anyone to hold anyone to such high expectations is unreasonable. In this instance, however, Georgiana is being held to an incredibly gender stereotypical expectation — that of untainted beauty and absolute feminine perfection — which can easily be defined as a man lording power and control over a woman.

Another way that one can approach this passage is from a psychoanalytical standpoint. Psychoanalytical criticism focuses heavily on Freudian psychology, stating that characters — and sometimes even the author — project their own insecurities and flaws onto other people or situations.

With these lenses on, an interpretation can be made that perhaps Aylmer is projecting his own insecurities concerning his own failures onto his bride.

Aylmer claims to be a great alchemist, but when we see Aylmer actually perform an experiment, something goes horribly wrong. Aylmer strives for perfection and glory, but falls short. If he can remove her flaw, then surely he could remove his own imperfections. These two viewpoints approach the same block of text very differently. From a feminist standpoint, Aylmer can be seen as a controlling, abusive husband who holds ridiculously high standards for his wife, standards of perfection that she could not possibly hope to ever reach.

This sort of reading leads us to feel sorry for Georgiana and her plight, and to hate Aylmer with a burning passion. In contrast, the psychoanalytical approach sees a much more human side of Aylmer, a side that is uncomfortable in his own insecurities so he projects them on others.

This approach of reading helps one feel more pity for Aylmer, and to perhaps connect with him more on a human level. By taking only two different forms of criticism, we can see two completely different sides of the same character. Should we feel sorry for Georgiana or Aylmer? From even just these two perspectives, the story and its characters take on a whole new meaning and provide readers with a world full of brand new possibilities.

Laurie Kirszner and Stephen Mandel. Literature — Reading, Reacting, Writing. Accessed September 14, Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours Both men suffer from their selfish…… [Read More]. Hawthorne Nature and Female Victimization. In both stories, male figures in the name of science explicitly tamper with the fate of the women in their care. In the case of Rappaccini, the sorcerer-like figure slowly poisons his own daughter so she cannot come into contact with anyone without poisoning them herself.

In the case of "The Birthmark," the scientist Aylmer is obsessed with removing his wife Georgina's birthmark to the point that it kills her.

The blindness of these men to their own ambition causes them to destroy what they ostensibly wish to save. Nathaniel Hawthorne's Tales Hawthorne's writings serve as a social commentary on the inherent dangers in blind acceptance of religious teachings. There is ample scope to interpret all three stories of "Young Goodman Brown," "The Birthmark," and "Ethan Brand," as Hawthorne's commentary on the consequences of allowing religion to mar true recognition of goodness and beauty.

All three stories highlight the fact that human kindness and faith are more important than obsession with religious teachings. Although Hawthorne's writings have often been interpreted as being influenced by the author's Puritan heritage, there is equally a wide acknowledgement that Hawthorne left the interpretation of any moral lesson in his tales to the reader. Hawthorne's contemporaries have, through their writings, shared several insights into Hawthorne's real-life personality and writings, which indicate that he was a keen observer of human nature and if anything, possessed a deep concern and compassion for the deeper psychology of…… [Read More].

Hawthorne's Rejection of Puritan Values. Though this was a fear of the Puritans, clearly it was associated with Satan and possession of the living. In Hawthorne's works the supernatural was associated with less grand sources, such as those seen in Young Goodman Brown. Hoeltje Hawthorne allows his characters to explore concepts that would have been those deemed heretical within the Puritan settings of the works.

In The Birth-Mark, Hawthorne associates the active expulsion of character traits of humanity clearly results in the death of the whole. The line of divergence in "The Birth Mark" is indicated by its name. Shape of Experience in Morrison's. In her eyes, she is empty, as is the world. Nel is grounded but this does not mean she is complete. Sula is labeled a wild child because she is not conventional like those around her.

She moves to get herself away from Bottom and has several casual affairs with men. Those in her town call her a "roach" and "bitch" and her death is a welcome relief. She has an affair with Nel's husband, which makes Nel look like nothing short of an angel in the novel. Sula's life was not nice and neat. Nel married and had children, which was something of a traditional lifestyle for a woman.

In short, Nel conforms to what society expects of women. Sula decided not…… [Read More]. Sula the Name of Sula's. Morrison most probably wants to emphasize that Sula is stronger than Nel because she is in control of her life. The end of the book presents readers with Nel's acknowledgement that she enjoyed seeing Chicken Little's death.

Morrison's Sula is meant to induce a state of rebellion in readers as they are influenced in believing that it is wrong for them to act in accordance with society's laws, considering that the system is apparently flawed.

The inhabitants of Bottom are barely able to sustain themselves in the beginning but gradually come to be more and more efficient in improving conditions in the area. In spite of his eccentric nature, Shadrack is one of the most influential individuals in the town.

Nel and Sula are the products of Bottom's environment but they struggle to be different from the rest of people. Even with this, Sula is the only one who actually…… [Read More].

Tampering With Nature Explored in. This is an interesting point-of-view about Aylmer and it works with his character. Others identify Georgiana's birthmark as something that is essentially hers and therefore, should remain with her. Shakinovsky goes even further to say that it is a "metaphor for her identity, her sexuality, her being" Shakinovsky.

Aylmer is blind to this fact altogether. He cannot see that "in removing the mark, he removes all there is of her" Shakinovsky. He could not accept the fact that he could not just remove a portion of her -- it was all or nothing. Shakinovsky reinforces the point that all of the characters in "The Birthmark" realize that Georgiana cannot be separated from her birthmark, except Aylmer.

However, as the story progresses, the birthmark becomes "Aylmer's object, and since, as the sign of her subjectivity, it represents Georgiana, it becomes she who is his object" Shakinovsky. Again, we see how Aylmer's…… [Read More]. Arrogance in Hawthorne S Male Protagonists.

Minister's Black Veil" and "The Birth-mark: He punishes himself in perpetuity for some unnamed sin although at the end of his life, right before his death, he proclaims that all human beings wear a black veil of sin, not just himself. But while Aylmer's actions are more obviously arrogant, both men are essentially acting as judge and jury over others on earth, rather than leaving that judgment to God himself.

Heroic Love Throughout the Ages. Not only was Annabel Lee's love strong, but she was beautiful as well. This notion of beauty and love are linked in a continuous dream-like state for the speaker. This speaker's first wife was able to make him experience a type of love that he had never known before her or since knowing her.

Even though Annabel Lee is gone, the speaker tells us that she is still a powerful force in his life and: Neither the angels in heaven above, Nor the demons down under the sea, Can ever dissever my soul Of the beautiful Annabel Lee. In fact, the pleasure and pain of love are two things that Medieval audiences share with audiences from…… [Read More].

Ambivalence of Dr Veraswami of. In this regard, Meyers concludes that, "As for Flory, environment has been too much for him, for he is not really alcoholic or crapulous by nature, and he regrets it when a girl from England arrives to stay at Kyauktada; she is a poverty-stricken little snob on the look-out for a husband, but he has not seen a spinster for a decade, and he succumbs on the spot whereupon his discarded Burmese mistress makes a scene in front of her and every one else, and he ends by committing suicide" Meyers Veraswami when put to the test, but the suicide of the protagonist provides a useful literary vehicle whereby Orwell advances the plot and highlights just how shallow the friendship…… [Read More].

Rebecca Dresser and John Robertson. I do not believe that wearing glasses or make-up is wrong, even though this is an enhancement of the human body by improving one's life by being able to see, or covering blemishes and unsightly birthmarks that might make an individual self-conscious. Is selecting the best sperm donor really so much different than a man or a woman basing his or her choice of a mate upon that individual's appearance, intelligence, and lack of unpleasant 'skeletons' in the genetic closet?

Svaulescu's idea that one has a moral obligation to screen for genetic defects or to personally improve the human race through reproduction makes one queasy, but the idea of leaving everything up to nature, in theory, would mean an end of folic acid for pregnant women or even birth control. But really, the ultimate argument for allowing patients to attempt to engineer their offspring by selecting 'better sperm' may be…… [Read More].

Edgar Allen Poe the Controversial. Such evidence as there is can be taken up at a later time. But of one thing we can be sure. I am blinded with tears while writing this letter-- I have no wish to live another hour. Amid sorrow, and the deepest anxiety your letter reached -- and you well know how little I am able to bear up under the pressure of grief -- My bitterest enemy would pity me could he now read my heart -- My last my only hold on life is cruelly torn away -- I have no desire to live and will not but let my duty be done.

I love, you know I love Virginia passionately devotedly. I cannot…… [Read More]. Maternity Nursing Labor and Delivery and Newborn. Para refers to the number of live births a woman has had it might be a stillbirth, or twins, or even triplets past the week gestation period Zimmerman, p.

It is a strong series of membranes that is visible after 7 weeks of gestation. Slowly but surely the…… [Read More]. Oedipus Is at Once a King of. Oedipus is at once a King of courage and judicial propriety, and also one in whom there is a tendency toward pride. Underlying it all, however, lays a great and secret blemish that awaits his discovery. It is through this secret mark - a birthmark of sorts - that fate, or the fates will eventually lead him to his downfall.

It will be his character traits of courage, honesty and integrity, however, in combination with an ego and pride that are more closely related hubris that will actually bring about his inevitable acts of self-destruction via free will.

In many ways, Oedipus was created as a perfect specimen through whom Sophocles could effectively deliver one of the most dramatic of ancient Greek tragedies. Pigmentation the Problems Relating to Skin Pigment. Pigmentation The problems relating to skin pigment are associated with symptoms of the skin appearing faded or deeper than the usual or often spotted and blemished. Skin pigmentation disorders The unusual skin development and unusual pigmentation of the skin is seen to present at the time of birth or develop at the later stages.

Benign Skin Growths and Pigmentation Disorders The skin pigmentation disorders seem to arise over a large number of races and conditions. Nacinamide Helps to Lighten Skin Some problems like albinism are considered exceptional phenomenon about a single case arises in every people.

Other cases like age spots are very common. Skin pigmentation disorders Irrespective of the fact that it is quite harmless in its effects in most of the cases, however, the growth and pigmentation disorders warrant thorough watching for any other variations that may mark a development of cancerous skin cells.

There are several…… [Read More]. Nabokov and the Phantasm of. She does not accept a world in which their native land has fallen and they have no emotional reaction to leaving it.

So she negotiates an identity which has lost something. When her husband cannot accept this identity, and then apparently abandons her at the train station, she negotiates the idea of an identity that is strong enough to survive and find love and gratification and recognition without him. When her husband cannot accept that identity and cries out that it is unbearable, she is forced again to recant it In that moment, her husband kills her salesman-brute-lover as surely as he killed her dog.

Is it any wonder that when she creates a noble, good lover in her mind, she conceals it from him for fear he will kill it Or kill them both, by forcing her to again deny her dream self? When she tells him "Perhaps I…… [Read More]. Nice Guidelines -- Midwives During Postpartum the. NICE Guidelines -- Midwives during postpartum The ole of Midwife per NICE Guidelines Pregnancy and childbirth is, in the majority of cases, a normal life event that proceeds to an uncomplicated outcome and can be effectively managed by a skilled midwife attendant.

This also extends to assisting new mothers with postpartum care. The midwife is recognized as a responsible and accountable professional who can give the necessary support, care and advice during the postpartum period and provide the necessary care for the infant.

NICE guidelines recommend that new mothers and infants not be separated within the first hour. The midwife should encourage skin-to-skin contact -- before asking about feeding methods. If breastfeeding is the mother's preference, it should be encouraged within the first hour.

During the first 24 hours after childbirth, midwives should ensure the woman's well-being and care by documenting blood pressure results and first urine voids within the…… [Read More]. Feminism Chaucer Chaucer appears to create the Wife of Bath shine intentionally from the rest of the characters in the novel; she has been possibly one of his most controversial figures since her contradictions as to what she states and just what she does.

The writer's formation of her character offers one significant objective which has been to surprise his readers. Chaucer chooses to consider each and every bad attribute that ladies were thought to have in those times and also the outcome has been Alisoun.

This kind of vivacity and boldness had been seldom observed in female fictional figures of that era Oberembt Feminism Chaucer Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales had been written towards the end of the Fourteenth century, however it was left incomplete. It has been setup as numerous stories within one story. The primary frame has been a travelling crowd…… [Read More]. Pan's Labyrinth The movie 'El Laberinto del Fauno' with 'Pan's Labyrinth' as English translation of the title directed by Del Toro revolves round the issue of the reason behind story telling.

Although it is fact that in traditional fairy tales the validity and authenticity of magic and wonder is not questioned yet many characters in modern fairy tales fiction as well as movies are shown arguing that magic does not exist. Why it is so that several stories conclude at the end that magic that the character and audiences experience while going through a story either reading it or watching in the form of a film is dismisses like a dream? The current essay…… [Read More]. Spina Bifida is one of the many birth defects neonates are at risk of.

However, this particular defect is unique because it is characterized by problems in the central nervous system CNS and it has a low death rate. The causes of this medical condition are quite difficult to determine as they are subject to hereditary and environmental elements.

Simply put, Spina Bifida refers to a situation where the spinal cord is not fully developed. In extreme cases, the spinal vertebrae could be so badly formed that the delicate spinal cord is left unprotected. In most cases, the spinal cord suffers damage due to this.

The baby could suffer from reduced brain function and poor transmission of commands to affected organs. This slightly damaged link from the brain to the body tissues and organs leads to poorly developed body systems.

There are other associated problems with this spinal defect even…… [Read More]. Boundaries Explored in Burmese Days. Kyin is aware of the boundaries that exist but he is determined to overcome them. His ambition to become a member of the European Club corrupts him. His immediate boundary is Flory's friendship with Dr. Veraswami comes across as one of the decent people in the novel in that he does not allow himself to become involved with the depravity that Kyin does. Veraswami expresses a selflessness in that he allows Flory to confide in him but in this act, he is crossing a boundary because he is peeking at a side of the European life he would have never known otherwise.

He delights in the Europeans loyalty to one another but he is also able to see the best and worst of this culture. It is also worth noting that while he is surrounded by these boundaries, he never loses sight of his own identity.

Boundaries are flexible…… [Read More]. Nathaniel Hawthorne Life Imitates ere all the literary works of Nathaniel Hawthorne compiled into a single manuscript, then appropriately filtered to include only works of prose and fiction, and if an attempt were then made to uncover a single motif spanning through the vast majority of the remaining text, it would read something like the following.

A protagonist is haunted by a vague, strangely preternatural feeling of foreboding and doom that eventually manifests itself physically before mortally claiming its victim. Sadly, but not surprisingly so, this motif could also apply to Hawthorne's life. Despite the fact that the author who many have acclaimed as one of the finest in American history enjoyed a celebrated literary career with a number of impressive, political boons as well , he was never able to fully surmount all of his 'demons' and enjoy the happiness that should have rightfully been his.

Instead, the celebrated author…… [Read More]. Human Savagery in Young Goodman. For thee is this world given The presence of Faith in the first part of the story was also the only time that Goodman felt his strong faith in God. However, upon entering the wilderness, Faith his wife had not only disappeared, but Goodman's faith in God and even himself as well.

Hawthorne made readers realize that human nature is in fact "naturally savage," and it is only fitting that Goodman's inherently savage nature would be discovered and uncovered by him in the wilderness. Even towards the end of the story, Hawthorne continued to haunt his readers with the theme of wilderness inherent in the hearts and minds of humanity. Posing the question, "Had Goodman rown fell asleep in the forest, and only dreamed a…… [Read More].

Jealousy in the Cask of. If you think it is Amontillado, then it surely is. This is the great injury Fortunato has committed, over and over: It reminds me of the wicked witch who is compelled to condemn Snow White to death because a magic mirror tells her Snow White is prettier than she, the witch, is.

Montresor has taken precautions all along the way to make sure he will be able to handle his friend when the time comes, plying him with alcohol along the way, so that by the time Fortunato gets to the end of the final passage, he is unsteady on his feet, either from the wine, or his illness, or…… [Read More].

Sula It is well-known that evil people exist in the world. These sociopaths have no values. They do not care who they harm or how. Fortunately, there are few individuals like this who have no conscience. Most people are instead shades of good and bad.

They are not always good, nor are they always bad. At times their behavior is exceptional; other times they may say or do something wrong toward someone else. The book Sula by Toni Morrison highlights these blends of human persona. It glories in paradox and ambiguity beginning with the prologue that describes the setting, the Bottom, situated spatially in the top" McDowell

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In Nathaniel Hawthorne's story, "The Birthmark", we come to know a crazed scientist whose strive for perfection not only leads to the death of his beautiful.

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The Birthmark Essay: External and Internal Conflict in The Birthmark - External and Internal Conflict in “The Birthmark” This essay will analyze Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “The Birthmark” to determine the external and internal conflicts in the tale.

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Thesis Statement/ Essay Topic #1: Symbolism in "The Birthmark" by Nathaniel Hawthorne American lit. November In the Story, The Birthmark, has a lot to say on human nature, but its most important maintenance is that to . The Birthmark Essay. BACK; Writer’s block can be painful, but we’ll help get you over the hump and build a great outline for your paper.

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In "The Birthmark," Hawthorne described a young scientist who killed his own wife by trying to alter nature. The scientist was trying to remove a birthmark on his wife's face. His name was Aylmer/5(1). The Birthmark essays In Nathaniel Hawthorne's, The Birthmark, Aylmer, a man devoted entirely to his science, marries Georgiana, a beautiful young woman with a single "earthly imperfection." This imperfection bears the resemblance of a .