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Sorry, Mr. President: Term limits for Congress are still not going to happen

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❶For example, according to the 22nd Amendment , the President of the United States can serve two four-year terms and serve no more than 10 years.


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Once elected, they work for the bettering of themselves, and the hell with the American people. It should be a limited time they work, so if not they are not approved by the citizens of the US, we could get them out and replace them with others who will do what's best for the people.

There has been no change through the years as the United States has revolved around all these long-term politicians. The purpose of this amendment was to propose an amendment to the Constitution that limits the number of terms a member of Congress may serve. You can check out the roll call on this at the senate website.

Fresh new blood brings new ideas and methods into the playing field. Negotiate and compromise would have true value in supporting the folks who elected them into office. Term limits in the Supreme Court would limit left or right ideologies. They would preserve as well as represent the US Constitution.

They represent "we the people" and as Americans, we should not accept anything less. By walking the walk and talking the talk, we can inspire the world. Do you really think those guys and girls are going to vote themselves out of a job? What we should do is have a law passed that would make it a federal offense for a lobbyist to do any kind of business involving the government or to even show up on the hill, with an absolutely certain jail term involved.

Then, have another law passed that would put a limit on any contributions made by large corporations or rich people or banks to representatives that were running for office and that would include the president and anyone that is running for that office.

I think that would curb a lot of this crap that goes on in Washington. The cancer that is killing American Democracy is the money spent on campaigns. How can a person raise 10's of millions and not favor that source's interests? I am sure that this is why Asian factories were allowed to run my industry printed circuit boards completely out of America.

England is much smaller than USA, but they do have ceilings on their campaign spending. I am confident that the advertising agencies who earns millions off of campaigns are contributing back to those congressmen to not limit the money that can be spent on them! Do you people really continue to hold on to the myth that the Politicians are elected by you, the voter? The government is run by the big banks, big corporations and that is all there is to it.

They are the ones who pick and choose who will be the "Peoples representatives". It is a fact, live with it. Where do I go to sign up.

I'm asian, so curious about your nation's political thing. I hope that i can reply asap. What do we really have to lose? If all of you are fed up as much as I am let's start a movement that can be heard all the way to Washington! Congressmen are now looking more towards their next job opportunity and less at what they're doing right now. Usually their best offers are coming from the companies that the lobbyists represent.

As much as we like to pretend that government is so simple, anybody can do it with a little common sense, the truth is that it's a series of enormously complex areas that you need a lot of knowledge to truly understand.

If you are continuously throwing new people in there who don't have the knowledge base, they're going to listen to people who appear to - the lobbyists. That's how I looked up this site. Where is the online petition? And there needs to be a petition for term limits for the supreme court as well. Those appointments can be you scratch my back I'll scratch yours just like the Congress! Nothing should be for life in Washington! Rip Post 6 Term limits would be one of the greatest turning points of this country.

Senators serve for six-year terms. However, there is no limit on the number of terms they may serve. What is the term of office and term limits for Georgia state Senators? At the state level, Georgia has 56 senators as of September The terms last for two years, but there is no limit on how manyterms a senator can serve.

What is the term length for a member of the us senate? US senators are elected to terms of 6 years. The Senate is divided into three groups, such that about one-third of the office holders are up for election every two years.

Do US senators have a term limit? Are There limits on terms representative and Senators in Washington can serve?

Representatives may only serve two years, unless re-elected. Senators may only serve for six years, unless re-elected. What are the US Senate's term limits? Various states voted in the past to have term limits on the amount of time one person could hold the Senate seat.

However that decision was overturned by the Supreme Court as being unconstitutional. What is the purpose of the length of the term for the US Senate? The six year term of office with one third of the members facing an election every two years, insures that this house remains a more deliberative body, even a more civilized body where the more stable and smaller population gets to know and respect each other.

Their politics may differ, but they rarely display genuine animosity toward their fellow Senators. They debate, while the lower House tends to fight, bicker and to be much more partisan. What are the senate term limits? There are no term limits on US Senators. They serve six-year terms, and may continue to serve as long as they win reelection every six years.

What is the term for an elected senator in the US senate? United States Senators serve terms of six years. The term of a Senator is six years. What are the terms of US Senators and Representatives respectively? Senators serve a six-year term in their elected offices,Representative serve two-year terms in Congress.

Due to thestaggering of terms for Senators, approximately one-third ofSenators are elected every two years. What limits the US President's terms? The Twenty-Second Amendment limits the US President to two terms of office, or ten years if the person assumed office during another President's term. Congress passed the amendment on March 21, It was ratified by the requisite number of states on February 27, Before that date there were no term limits.

How many years is the term of a us senator? A US Senator is elected to a 6 year term. He may serve more than one term. True or false Members of the US Senate serve six year terms and have no limit on the number of times they can be elected?

Why are there term limits for the US presidency? Originally, there was nothing formal about this, but it became customary for presidents to serve only two terms: The concept of limiting one's presidency was originally formulated by George Washington, who could have easily remained president, since he was very popular; but he resigned after two terms.

It would take many years for a law to be passed making this custom into something official. What led to this change was the fact that in the s and early 40s, Franklin Delano Roosevelt ended up being elected four times. In the midst of his fourth term, he died suddenly, after which, an amendment was passed to officially limit presidents to 2 terms.

The 26th amendment was ratified in and has been law ever since. How many terms do US senators have? Senators are notlimited in the number of terms they can serve. How long is a term for senate and how many terms can be used? One term is six years. They can be re-elected as often as they can win. What are the requirements for becoming a member of the senate and their term limits?

You must be at least 30 years old, A citizen of the US for at least 9 years and you must be a citizen for the state you are running for as a candidate for the senate.

The term for a senator is 6 years. Can a state set term limits for its US Senators? It is unconstitutional for states to impose term limits on US Senators and Congressmen.

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Kennedy was shot in It wasn't until four years later that the 25th Amendment, setting rules on succession related to vacancies and disabilities in the office of the president, was ratified. Supporters of Donald Trump in October The story must be told. Bitter Senate fight to confirm Kavanaugh plunges deeper into chaos over letter. Analysis The Daily New York primary results challenge the crystallizing narrative. Analysis Winners and losers of the primary season.

Analysis Paul Manafort becomes the fifth Trump campaign team member to plead guilty to criminal charges. Trump creates political storm with false claim on Puerto Rico hurricane death toll. Opinion Brett Kavanaugh misled the Senate under oath.

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In May , the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5–4 in U.S. Term Limits, Inc. v. Thornton, U.S. (), that states cannot impose term limits upon their federal Representatives or Senators. In the elections, part of the Republican platform included legislation for term limits in Congress.

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In the elections of , for instance, part of the Republican platform was to pass legislation setting term limits in Congress. After winning the majority they brought a constitutional amendment to the House floor that would have limited members of the Senate to two six-year terms and members of the House to six two-year terms.

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Watch video · (The decision didn't affect term limits for state legislatures, and there are 15 states that impose them.) That means that for congressional term limits to become legal again, Congress would have to amend the Constitution. From time to time, the idea of putting term limits on Congressmen comes up. The most recent example is legislation that was introduced by Congressman Francis Rooney (R-FL). He proposed legislation that is designed to effectively impose term limits without having to amend the Constitution by cutting Members’ pay after a set amount of time.

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Sep 04,  · What is the term of office and term limits for Georgia state Senators? At the state level, Georgia has 56 senators as of September The terms last for two years, but there is no limit on how manyterms a senator can serve. U.S. Term Limits main mission is to coordinate grassroots supporters to demand an Article V term limits convention application from their state legislators. We exist to impose term limits at all levels of government but mostly on the U.S. Congress.