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Top Government Resume Samples & Pro Writing Tips

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❶Hi Beejay, I just wanted to thank you and the team for assisting me.

What to include in your federal resume

How Does USAJOBS Work?
Air Import Export Agent: Resume Example
Federal Resume Guidance

I ended up getting the job! I cannot speak highly enough about the service I received and I would like to give a big thank you to my writer Georgia.

Thanks Public Service Resumes keep up the good work! Public Service Resumes provided me with an extremely prompt service of high quality at a competitive price, proving that it IS possible to have all three qualities together! Hayley wrote an excellent set of responses to my education selection criteria. Great service, I found them through google and gave them a call. They did everything they said they would and it is great to have a company take pride in their work.

Great service from start to finish. A thorough, clear and professional service. Thank you Beejay, Ashleigh and the whole team! They achieved amazing results at last minute notice. Dave N Danielle Anderson T I had great experience with Public Service Resumes.

The teams are professional and custom service is very responsive and on time. The product I received is top quality and tailored to my personal situation. Public service resumes were so professional and responsive. I was so impressed with the final product and engagement with me throughout the process. Thank you Public Service Resumes for your help with my selection criteria, I can't believe how good it looks and how good it makes me sound, I would hire me!

Abdul Sattar Mohammed T I was quickly contacted by Beejay and then experienced prompt and, what I consider, very good quality assistance from Ashleigh.

Very impressed with my overall experience and recommend their services accordingly. Exceptional service and communication. Was very happy with the documents. PSR were very friendly and very helpful. I received my statement with in the required time frame and it didn't need and editing.

With the little information I gave them they produce an excellent document. You have seen the rest now come to the BEST!!!!!! Keep previous job responsibilities brief and place more emphasis on accomplishments, listed in a bulleted form. Always include quantifiable results. Visit our government resume samples for good examples of this. While there are many skills required for work in a government agency, you must also include those specific skills necessary for the position you want.

These typically include computer proficiency, oral, and written communication expertise. Government workers must also have excellent time management and organization skills.

Of course, there are also some characteristics necessary for government work, including integrity, tact, and an appreciation for confidentiality. You may want to include specific examples that demonstrate these qualities. Hiring managers will check this information. Maintain the concise nature of your government resume with short sections and bullets when appropriate, as in our government resume samples.

The first sections hiring personnel look for include a professional profile, skills, areas of expertise, professional certifications, and accomplishments. Your professional profile may include your work history; follow each position with a list of achievements in bulleted form and specific metrics chosen to exhibit your positive results. Round this out with a quick description of your education. Recognizing that government agencies use the ATS is just the first step. This screening technology reduces the number of applications that reach hiring personnel by focusing on resumes with words and phrases that match those in job descriptions.

A government ATS will look for keywords specific to the open position, so create your own list of words as you review each posting. Tracking systems may also look for specific computer software or administrative phrases. Hiring personnel look for teamwork skills, including communication, effective listening, conflict management, reliability, and respectfulness. Refer to these and other team skills in your resume. Use our government resume samples to recognize ways to show, rather than simply state, your ability to work on a team.

It cannot be used for promotions, transfers, or reassignments. A government resume must present information quickly, clearly, and in a way that makes your experience relevant to the position in question.

That means condensing your information down to its most powerful form. The following are a few useful tips to be kept in mind while designing a government resume. You need to have a clear job target as you need to develop your government resume.

Create a brief headline that encapsulates your career goal and one or two of your top qualifications. Summarize your strengths and key qualifications within the top half of the first page of the resumeunder sections like "Professional Profile" and the "Areas of Expertise" listing keywords that are pertinent to your career choice. Also include your industry certifications and licenses. Describe your basic job responsibilities, followed by a bulleted list of accomplishments.

Show quantifiable results of your work. Recent college graduates with plenty of experience who are ready to tackle the challenging tasks involved in government work. Government Skills To Include: Familiarity with computers and software systems Experience with multiple types of filing procedures Understanding of government standards Background of community involvement Accurately quantified accomplishments More Information: National Parks Worker Resume Sample. Prepared individuals looking to work in the creation and use of environmental projects, including public education, wildlife surveys, and park maintenance.

First aid, CPR, and relevant safety trainings and certifications Experience in environmental education, surveying, program development, etc. In-depth knowledge of specific national parks Strong communication and public service skills Up to date with current environmental regulations More Information: Government Intern Resume Sample. Recent college graduates looking for intern positions within government agencies.

Relevant academic diplomas and achievements Proficiency in software, such as spreadsheets, word processing, and databases Ability to create solutions, such as client tracking processes and follow-up procedures Experience working independently and collaboratively with a variety of personalities Exceptional communication and interaction skills to maintain positive atmosphere More Information: What is the best design for a government resume?

Government Resume Samples

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Hiring agencies use the job announcement to describe the job and the required qualifications, including: Level and amount of experience; Education; Training; What to include in your resume. Federal jobs often require that you have experience in a particular type of work for a certain period of time.

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Applying for a government job is different in many ways from applying for a job in the private sector. In fact, you might as well forget all the resume advice you've ever learned, says Marilyn Santiesteban, assistant director of career services at the Bush School of Government & Public Service at Texas A&M University.

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CareerProPlus is proud to provide USAJOBS federal resume writing services. Let our experts help you give your government application an edge today. USAJOBS Resume Services for Federal Government Jobs. In writing a federal resume, key terms, skill sets, years of specialized experience, and quantifiable accomplishments are vital to federal job success. We will review your professional experience to ensure you exceed all federal job qualifications.

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Need some help with your government resume but don’t know where to begin? GovtJobs Government Resume Samples contains templates to get started. Government resume samples for state and local government jobs. As you apply for jobs, tailor your resume to the position’s requirements. To help them understand how your experience matches what is required for the vacant position, make sure that you describe your experience in laymen’s terms. Include the occupational series numbers and the starting and ending grades of the federal government.