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Download a short description. Complete Your Collection Dissertations and theses complete your library collection by surfacing original research that can often be the only source of information on a given topic.

Simplify Searching with a Single Unified Access Point for Dissertations and Theses Comprehensive historic and ongoing coverage from universities ensures effective, efficient results.

Offer Critical Support for Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences In disciplines where journals are not the primary form of scholarly communication, dissertations offer access to significant primary research that is not published in any other format and they surface seminal ideas from notable scholars. Enhance Research in the Sciences Dissertations provide additional context for research published in journals or conference proceedings while surfacing hard to find information such as negative results.

Add a New Dimension to Literature Reviews Dissertations are an important and valuable tool for literature reviews, with deep coverage and extensive bibliographies that surface sources and ideas that would otherwise be missed. Expose Research in Depth Audio, video, data, survey instruments, and other types of digital files are included for thousands of works. The Ongoing Struggle to Preserve the Ozone Layer Four decades of successes and setbacks in protecting the layer of the atmosphere that protects us.

Better research, better learning, better insights. However, the abstract and citation will be publicly available via the Dissertation Abstracts International database. If a master's Candidate wishes to make the thesis or project report available to the public, they may select "Open Access Publishing PLUS" and pay the required fee. Doctoral dissertations will be made available to the public regardless of the publishing option chosen. The deadline to submit the embargo form is the same as for the GS The Candidate may not request an embargo once the thesis or dissertation has been sent to ProQuest for processing.

CDs and DVDs must be stored in a traditional jewel or DVD case not the slim cases and must include both a liner note and a label on the disc with the following informaton:. This report is accompanied by a [name of the medium, e. Final format edits must be done before the posted deadline. Once all corrections are made, the Candidate will receive an email confirming that the thesis or dissertation has cleared all checks.

At this stage, documents are now eligible for submission by the University to ProQuest. No edits or changes will be accepted after this date. ETDs become available to campus users in 8—12 weeks via the Library's catalog and digital repository. This field searches all subject-like fields for dissertations or theses, meaning Subjects and Index terms keywords. When an author submits their dissertation or thesis to ProQuest, they must select one primary subject, and can optionally select two secondary subjects.

ProQuest may also assign Subject terms to improve discoverability. Use to search for dissertations containing supplemental files such as images, videos, documents or spreadsheets. To search for dissertations or theses containing any supplemental file types, search for: In some cases, you may have to download specific software or plug-ins in order to be able to view supplemental files. The default setting specifies a search across both.

Use this field to narrow your search to social sciences and humanities volume A or sciences and engineering volume B. Or search for specific issue numbers. Limiting by volume or issue may not make sense if your subscription only covers a portion of the database. Search this Guide Search. The abstracts are not included in this search. See the Subject headings all entry for additional information about Subject headings all. See the Index terms keywords entry for additional information about Index terms keywords.

Aug 30, 9: Report a problem on our LibGuides site. ProQuest Product accessibility Privacy. Using our Guides About the Guide Creators. Webinars and Screencasts Graduate Education Program. Customer Support Suggest a Guide. ADV Fogel, Aaron Search for dissertations completed under the supervision of a specific academic advisor. OTI "The local area as a strategy for sustainable urban development" Use to look for dissertations by their alternate language title.

AU Kinsley, Michael Use to find documents written by a particular author.

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The largest collection of electronic theses and dissertations available worldwide, ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global includes 4 million works from more than 3, universities, and adds more than , works annually.

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ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Global (PQDT Global) is the world's most comprehensive collection of full-text dissertations and theses and is the official digital dissertations archive for the Library of Congress.

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ProQuest Dissertations & Theses (PQDT) Global is a critical element of academic library research collections. An extensive and expanding collection, PQDT Global provides visibility of breakthrough research from the world’s premier universities. With PQDT Open, you can read the full text of open access dissertations and theses free of charge. About PQDT Open.

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A guide to all aspects of ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global including content, searching, and viewing results on the ProQuest platform. ProQuest Dissertation & Theses Global (PQDT Global) has an extensive collection of million graduate works (both dissertations and theses), with million in full text.