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Ask questions on our question board. Created by the people. Each section has solvers calculators , lessons, and a place where you can submit your problem to our free math tutors. To ask a question , go to a section to the right and select "Ask Free Tutors". Most sections have archives with hundreds of problems solved by the tutors. Lessons and solvers have all been submitted by our contributors! Numeric Fractions Decimal numbers, power of 10, rounding Operations with Signed Numbers Exponents and operations on exponents Divisibility and Prime Numbers Roman numerals Inverse operations for addition and multiplication, reciprocals Evaluation of expressions, parentheses.

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Easy, very detailed Voice and Handwriting explanations designed to help middle school and high school math students. Lessons discuss questions that cause most difficulties. Word Story Problems Solve and Practice word problems. Just type in your values. Talk to Splotchy , an artificial intelligence robot with funny voice. Dumbest things from school essays. Algebra Worksheets at edHelper. Type in a formula, get a nice JPEG picture for your website! Become famous by teaching math.

Each of them has x as one dimension and y as the other. Related Questions Math Homework - Volume? Maths homework help please: Need urgent help with maths homework on volume. It is due in tomorrow. I am really stuck.? Answer Questions Based on all student records at Camford University, students spend an average of 6.

What are other common factors of 12 and 24? The sum of two numbers is k. Find the minimum value of the sum of their squares.?

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Online Math Homework Help Math homework can be especially tricky because there are so many different formulas and procedures to remember. Students from elementary, through high school, even college, who are experiencing difficulties with their math homework can find some aid online thanks to Internet homework helper sites.

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Substitute this formula into the volume formula, and you get V = (pi) r^2 (h). For a cylinder that's three inches tall and has a base with a radius of five inches, here's how you calculate volume: V = (pi) r^2 (h) V = () (5^2) (3) V = () (25) (3) V = cubic inches Spheres. The formula for the volume of a sphere is V = 4/3 (pi) r^3.

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For example, the volume of a rectangular prism is measured as its length times width times height. In math language, V=lwh. The volume of a cylinder is π times the radius squared times the height of the cylinder, or V=πr 2 h. The volume of a cone is 1/3 πr 2 h, very similar to the formula of the volume of a cylinder. The volume of a pyramid is 1/3 lwh, which is similar to the formula for the volume of a . Math homework help. Hotmath explains math textbook homework problems with step-by-step math answers for algebra, geometry, and calculus. Online tutoring available for math help.