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❶Daves Maths Tables - From Simple to complicated - this site has a lot of good material. For all other subjects - click a link at the top or bottom of the page - or click on a subject below.

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The other, less obvious, is that this is a very physically demanding job that can be lower paying than jobs that require a similar level of education and field experience. Zookeepers have to learn to live on a budget for most of their lives. That can be tough over time. They also often have to move across the country and far from family to get that first paid job. What requirements did you have to meet before starting this job? What classes did you take in college?

Many zoos require a 2 or 4 year degree in some form of life sciences biology, animal science, zoology, etc. Instead, I gained experience in the education department and then the commissary where all the animal food is prepared before being accepted into a paid apprenticeship. I started as a primate keeper so my comfort zone would be primates and I have a very strong fondness for mandrills and pygmy marmosets. Mandrills were the first zoo animal I worked with and they have a really dynamic social system.

I love how intricate and challenging they can be. Pygmy marmosets are so different than mandrills but they have just as much chutzpah.

I love their fierce attitude, despite the fact that they only weigh grams. But, I also have come to love working with birds and other small mammals as well. But when I was a keeper I would meet with my team to discuss what was happening in the area vet procedures, keeper talk assignments, training, etc.

Check you animals, feed, medicate if animals under medical care , train and lots of cleaning. Exhibit and holding areas need to be completely cleaned daily. Set up enrichment at different times during the day. Afternoons were times to catch up on area projects, training and enrichment. Then at the end of the day, another round of feeding, meds, enrichment and settling animals in holding or with access to the exhibit for the night.

The hard parts are emergencies like veterinary issues, birthing gone wrong, etc. I used to go home at night worrying if I completed everything I should.

You do a lot of double and triple checking yourself. I had intended to work with horses all through college. Skip to main content. Membership Tickets Donate Subscribe. For project or homework assistance, please be mindful of the following:. Always do your basic research first! How many animals does the Roger Williams Park Zoo house? How many animal keepers work at the Roger Williams Park Zoo? Can I interview or shadow an animal keeper or veterinarian? Subject Help - If you know what you are looking for check out the resources available for each subject.

We have collected quality resources that cover curriculum related material. Agony Elephant - Maybe you wanted to use the now famous Agony Elephant service? Leave a question and we will try to help you out. Hints and Tips - Or check out our growing hints and tips service. How to get the best from your homework efforts, learning tips, how to cope with homework worries.

If you have an idea - tell us about it and it can join the list. Schools on the Web. This site comes highly recommended by HomeWork Elephant, for all levels of Mathematics. Numeracy World - A great resource for primary school teachers, who are looking for pre-made worksheets. Lots of active classroom material. For each worksheet new tasks can be generated with a click of a button providing numerous worksheets to practice.

EnjoyMaths is a certified content provider by Curriculum Online. Superkids Math Worksheets - Creates multiplication worksheets that you can personalise - great for multiplication revision. Daves Maths Tables - From Simple to complicated - this site has a lot of good material. Easy Maths A UK based site with GCSE exam questions for you to try - view your responses against the model answers - tutorials - practice room - a good place for some revision on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Maths Direct is a new service for A level students. They offer free tutorials in A-level Maths. Members have access to extensive exercises with fully worked solutions, on-line marking of multiple choice exercises and exam papers with full mark schemes.

Regular shapes worksheet from Camshill School in Hampshire. Check out your polygons, hexagon, pentagon, nonagon and so-on-and-on Take a quick maths quiz how well can you do? It's timed so get clicking. Top Maths Ideas and resources for the teaching of Maths for teachers, parents and children. Maths Net - Great revision, interactive fun site - take a look. metadata updates

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Elephants’ skin is thick, wrinkled, and not very hairy. It is grayish to brown in color. An elephant’s trunk is an extension of the nose and upper lip. An elephant uses its trunk to grab food and to put it into the mouth. It can also draw water into the trunk and then blow it into the African elephant has larger ears and a slightly larger body than an Asian elephant.

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