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The Necklace Critical Essays

by Guy de Maupassant

❶The night of the party, Mrs.

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Some Marxist critics focus on power structures and control of one group by another based on material possessions. In contrast, Monsieur Loisel is accepting of his social place. Any regrets he holds are on behalf of his wife, whose misery greatly affects his existence. Marxist ideology promotes revolution by the working class, which see all surplus value extracted from the products of its labor for the benefit of the upper classes.

Rather than physically revolting against her circumstances, however, Mathilde escapes her circumstances through fantasy, desiring the things that the upper classes possess and thereby accepting bourgeois values as her own.

Her situation is untenable, as she can never become a part of the class she longs to join, but neither can she accept her own position. By accepting an invitation to interact on a temporary basis with the members of the upper class, Mathilde complies with their requirements. The party ends in the early morning hours and Mrs. Loisel wants to leave in a hurry.

She wants the people she met at the party to remember her as was. She conceals her true identity because she is embarrassed for who she really is. In the midst of a returning home after a grand evening she notices she has lost a costly possession…the necklace!! Loisel look through her dress, shawl, pockets, and retraced all their steps from the party. They realize the inevitable situation they are in and have to replace the necklace.

They went from jeweler to jeweler, searching for an indistinguishable replacement. Loisel had 18, francs left to him by his father. The other half would take three days to acquire from various loan companies and friends. Loisel returns the necklace and does not tell Mrs. Loisel now has to work, along with her husband working late hours.

She takes a job as a servant, cleaning house, washing dishes, and other heavy housework. During this time she becomes somewhat practical. Now she has experienced what is really like to be the wife of a clerk. The debt would take 10 years to pay back. After the 10 years she finds Mrs. Forrestier walking with her child. She notices that she is youthful and attractive.

Forrestier hardly recognizes her and regards her as a lowly working class woman. Her pride causes her constant discomfort in life. The story makes full use of irony, in describing her situation in life, her empty fulfillment, and the consequences of vanity. She dreams of being desired by many men and the center of attention. Despite her longings, she finds herself married to a clerk in the Ministry of Education.

The implication is that Madame Loisel does not posses the characteristics of a woman of high social standing. The irony here is that if Madame Loisel had possessed these characteristics, it is possible that she could have married up and enjoyed the life of luxury she desired.

Her husband gives her his savings for a dress. She then needs the perfect necklace, which she borrows from a wealthy friend. When she returns home from the ball, however, she finds the necklace is no longer around her neck.

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Free Essays - False Pride in The Necklace - False Pride in The Necklace In Mauassant's essay, The Necklace Matilda Loisel borrowed a necklace from a rich friend, Mrs Forestier, so that she would not .

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For example, of the first seven paragraphs in “The Necklace,” six begin with the word “She,” clarifying that the focus of the story will remain on Mathilde. De Maupassant sets a cynical tone early in the tale .

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Essay on The Symbolism of the Necklace in The Necklace. The Symbolism of the Necklace in The Necklace Authors choose to use symbols for various reasons in short stories. It is a way for them to use on object or idea to convey many different meanings to the audience. The Theme of Pride in Guy Maupassant's The Necklace Essay Words | 5 Pages. in Guy de Maupassant’s short story, “The Necklace”. Set in Paris in the .