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Steps in the Research Process

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❶Peer review is a form of self-regulation by qualified members of a profession within the relevant field. As the accuracy of observation improves with time, the hypothesis may no longer provide an accurate prediction.

What Is Research?

Rate Yourself As a Researcher
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Note the circulation status. When you locate the book on the shelf, look at the books located nearby; similar items are always shelved in the same area. The Aleph catalog also indexes the library's audio-visual holdings. Choose the databases and formats best suited to your particular topic; ask at the librarian at the Reference Desk if you need help figuring out which database best meets your needs.

Many of the articles in the databases are available in full-text format. Use search engines Google , Yahoo , etc. Your instructor expects that you will provide credible, truthful, and reliable information and you have every right to expect that the sources you use are providing the same.

This step is especially important when using Internet resources, many of which are regarded as less than reliable. Consult the resources you have chosen and note the information that will be useful in your paper. Be sure to document all the sources you consult, even if you there is a chance you may not use that particular source.

The author, title, publisher, URL, and other information will be needed later when creating a bibliography. Begin by organizing the information you have collected. New knowledge leads to more questions, further research, and the generation of more new knowledge. Houston Scholars will also learn about national and international award opportunities, and receive assistance in developing applications for competitive programs.

Define the Problem 2. Review the Literature 3. Formulate a Hypothesis or Problem Statement 4. Select a Research Design 5. Carry Out the Research 6. Interpret the Research 7. Report the Research 8. Now you can finally conduct your research! Combine elements from the models above to create one of your own that best describes the process you go through. Feel free to include feelings you think you might experience at each stage, as Kuhlthau's model does. Remember, you can do this with a computer or you can draw it by hand.

The goal is to create what you think is an accurate model of your own research process, including what happens at each step. I will post all the research process diagrams after the assignment is due.

Find one you especially like other than your own and write several sentences about why you like it. Post your response to the "Research Process Discussion Thread. When you're finished with your research process model, submit it and take the quiz for this unit. Last Updated January 9, Overview This unit explores the concept of research.

Listen to what these Northwestern University students have to say about research: Rate Yourself As a Researcher Note: Create a Google Form for this. Students submit to the form. Place the form in iLearn. Think about the skills you have to complete research. Rate yourself using the following scale: I use a variety of strategies and resources to explore a topic and define my research question.

I develop a main research question and several subordinate questions to guide my research. I develop keyword and key phrase lists to help me in my search.

I develop a research plan i. I know which questions can be best answered by what kinds of resources. I know the difference between primary and secondary sources. I use the library catalog to locate books in the college and public libraries.

I know how to narrow or broaden my search using the library catalog. I know how to narrow or broaden my search using a search engine. I know how to narrow or broaden my search using the college's online databases. I know the difference between subject and keyword searching and know when to use these when searching the college's online databases. When I use a web page for research, I first evaluate it for authority, bias, accuracy and currency. I use online databases from the college to conduct research.

I skim and scan text for answers to my questions and paraphrase key points in the text effectively.

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Research is cyclical, with the results generated leading to new areas or a refinement of the original process. 4) Conclusion The term, research, is much stricter in science than in everyday life.

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Overview: This unit explores the concept of research. You will define the term “research” for yourself. Next, you’ll examine several models of the research process and borrow from these models to create one that describes your own research process.

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Research process 1. Presented by: Aditi Garg 2. The process of gathering informationfor the purpose ofinitiating, modifying or terminating aparticular investment or group ofinvestments. Step One: Define Research ProblemThere are two types of research problem, viz., those relate to states of nature relationship between denisseportal.tkially. THE RESEARCH PROCESS What is Research? A good working definition of academic research and writing can be given as follows: investigation and writing based upon the idea of scientific inquiry.

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