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Cultural Autobiography Academic Essay

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❶As a result, among those families where Indian ancestors lived, they were frequently listed as mulatto, or as white, depending upon the complexion of the individuals enumerated.

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Cultural Autobiography Essay Sample
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For example, a basketball should not only be an athlete, but must also value her roles as a sister, a daughter, a student, and anything else that gives her life meaning. A doctor should not only focus on his identity in the medical field but also his place in his neighborhood, his church, and, of course, his family. Otherwise, he would be considered the workaholic.

In many cases, though, it is very easy to do. Defining oneself or someone else in only way is not healthy because it does not consider the full complexity the person. Thinking of ourselves in a limited way, such as if I considered myself only a student but did not consider my roles as a friend to others and a family member, could lead to shallow thinking. Thinking of others in such a way can result in stereotyping and even discrimination, such as if someone thinks she knows all she that needs to know about someone based on his religious beliefs.

Nonetheless, not all aspects of our identities contribute equally to the whole. Certain elements of our environment and background help to shape us fundamentally.

They seem to serve as a base for everything else that we would learn, do, and become. I think everyone has one or two areas of that nature. For me, I think that one of the most defining traits about me is the culture I came from, which is Mainland Chinese. Although I keep an open mind and try to learn new ways of looking at the world, the beliefs of my upbringing often are dominant.

If you asked me to describe who I am at my core, I would probably say that I am a Chinese woman. Culture, of course, comes from the people around us. As I see it, my family, including a large extended family, has been the most influential community in shaping who I am today, because they passed on their culture to me.

Often we do not realize what is our culture until we leave it. I can remember when I first arrived in America and stayed for a short time with a host family. They had a daughter who was 10 years old. She had a little cold at the time. She drank cold orange juice. I was so shocked that her mother allowed her to drink it. In my family, we feel that cold drinks are not good for sick people and that they can hurt the stomach.

Many people in China think this way. She and her sisters could never accept this. After hearing this idea for so many years, I, too, was starting to have the same reaction. When people have flu or cold, in China the appropriate drink is thought to be hot water. They both suddenly got a disgust look on their faces. They said orange juice would be better because it has a lot of vitamin C to fight the germs. This was one of my first lessons in culture, both American and my own. For my part, I still do not like to have very cold drinks.

However, I do not make any suggestion about what other people should drink. In explaining how my family has influenced me, I should discuss some basic elements about Chinese culture. It is collectivist culture, not individual culture like America. That means that Mainland Chinese society tends to see the group as being more important than the person. The question then is who is the group.

Based on stereotypical Western movies or shows, it would be easy to assume that nearly all Chinese act and look alike and that they would see themselves as one group.

In fact, this is not true at all. Chinese people think in much smaller terms, most typically, and would see their immediate family, including elders such as parents and grandparents, as their group. In some sense, they would also consider old friends and former and current co-workers to be part of their group.

It is not so common in Mainland China to make many new friends as adulthood. People in China depend on these tight networks to help them in hard times, and they have to be ready to repay the favor at some point in the future.

Tight informal networks are very important for getting by in life in China. Chinese culture value family piety. It means we believe in a strong obligation to respect and honor our family members.

In a broad sense, family members, because all consider themselves a close group, would do almost anything to help each other. As is said in English, they would take the shirt from his or her own back to give to the other person. This kind of thinking is based on Confucianism, where taking care of the family is considered to be the highest value.

Unfortunately, a related matter is that sometimes in Mainland China, people are not as quick to get involved when a stranger needs help, and some people without integrity are quick to take advantage of strangers and cheat them. We also do not have as much public volunteer and charity culture, as many people would feel guilty if they spend their money on people who are outside their own family.

The concept of taking care of the family is so important to culture that it is sometimes humorous to other people from other countries. I once was at dinner in a group that included both American and international students.

Some people were talking about what they would do if they won the lottery. A Chinese boy said he guessed that if he won, he would soon get married, and have a child. His friend, another boy from China, commented that the money would not only last for the lifetime for him and his son, but also for generations into the future.

They thought they should use the money for their own fun, and would not like to get married. However, the Chinese students were looking from Chinese point of view, where not only the individual but the entire family name and bloodline is considered. They see a responsibility to their ancestors and to future bloodline that they should have a child.

Personally, I like the viewpoint of thinking about multiple generations and not only focusing on the present. I have always been raised by my family to hold this point of view. Without a network of family and close friends, it is hard to survive in China, especially during hard times several decades ago. It is not so easy to get credit, so people rely on their networks to help them make a down payment for a house. Many people lack health insurance, and so if they needed and expensive surgery, they could perhaps ask their closest family and associates for help with money.

As a result of these factors, Chinese people spend a lot of time cultivating their networks by choosing the right gifts on holidays, offering a helping hand when possible, and asking for help when needed. On the other hand, if you do have a family, then you feel much more secure and happy.

You also get a large amount of your own identity from the group rather from your individual situation. It is important to behave well in society and try to be successful not only for your own sake, but also in order to create a good name for your family.

Therefore I think that sometimes even if I do not feel like studying sometimes, I push myself to do so anyway, because if I came to America and did not perfect well in university, then I would create a bad impression on my family, including parents and extended relatives, as well. Cognitive Therapy is another approach that will be used for the diverse population. This approach examines the relationship between thought, feelings, and behaviors As far as opportunities of the worldview that could be present in counseling a client of a different ethnic or race is the fact that this writer has experience with working with people of different ethnics and race.

Making sure that the client is comfortable at the beginning will allow a relationship be built on trust. The barrier for gender is not understanding the male aspect of her male clients, not having an understanding of male specific problems or having the awareness of how males handle their feelings.

Not allowing these hang-ups will not interfere with the relationship between counselor and client. Gaining an understanding on the worldview of culturally diverse clients will provide the counselor with a wide variety of knowledge that will help the client feel comfortable in the session. Developing appropriate intervention strategy and techniques will provide effective treatment that will enhance the services that the counselor is provide.

Telephone interview Counseling the culturally diverse: Theory and practice 4th ed. Adolescence, 38 , The role of substance abuse, change style preference, demographic variables, and turning point events on criminal behavior in an ethnically diverse population. ProQuest Dissertations and Theses, , p.

Roger Federer, a Swiss professional tennis player and victor of 18 Grand Slam singles titles, which is the name for the largest tournaments in tennis, is an inspiration for many players throughout the world including myself because of his journey to become the world No. Dear unfortunate reader, it appears that god has chosen you to undergo a lot of suffering today. Here is a story Words cannot begin to depict the thing I am awfully sorry that you have to read this, but I must because I am the chosen one!!

The one who will bring balance, Marie Curie was born on November 7, and was raised in Warsaw, Poland. Poland was controlled by Russia. When Marie was born, her mother suffered from tuberculosis and died when Marie was only eleven years old. Chinua Achebe was born in ; he is a Nigerian novelist and poet, and he is generally acknowledged as the father of the African novel. His parents taught him many of the values of their traditional Igbo culture, and it Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website.

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Cultural autobiography essays I come from a very small community where everybody is pretty much the same, there's not much diversity. My only outlet in my community to other cultures is the news and media.

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It is collectivist culture, not individual culture like America. That means that Mainland Chinese society tends to see the group as being more important than the person. The question then is who is the group.

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This essay Cultural Autobiography is available for you on Essayscom! Search Term Papers, College Essay Examples and Free Essays on Essayscom - full papers database. Search Term Papers, College Essay Examples and Free Essays on Essayscom - full papers database.4/4(1). Cultural Autobiography By Summer Benson Start by describing the cultural aspects of your family background (attitudes, beliefs and values). My mom was adopted at the .

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 Introduction to Cross-Cultural Psychology PSY/ April 20, Michele Wagner Introduction to Cross-Cultural Psychology Cross-cultural psychology is the psychological practice that focuses on the study of the cultural effects on human psychology. It requires researchers to draw conclusions by using samples from multiple cultures (Shiraev & . My Cultural Autobiography Nancy Domanski Sir Frances Bacon said, “If a man be gracious to strangers, it shows that he is a citizen of the world, and his heart is no island cut off from other islands, but a continent that joins them,” (Jenkins, ).