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Fetching data from Crossref. This may take some time to load. Advanced Materials Research Volumes Hao Wen , Hong Wang. Numerical Simulation for Lightning Zoning on an Aircraft. In this paper, a numerical simulation method based on fractal theory is presented to simulate lightning attachment points on airplane.

The dielectric breakdown model is used to simulate the fractal growth of the lightning leaders, which meets physical mechanisms and geometric characteristics of nature lightning. The process of the airplane struck by lightning is simulated according to the relevant provisions about aircraft lightning attachment points test in standard SAE-ARP The distribution of aircraft lightning attachment points are obtained through substantial repeated simulation. Because the probability distribution of lightning attachment obtained through the simulating is almost in line with those obtained through actual aircraft flight test, the validity of the proposed method is verified.

This is a very rare little aircraft. Straker65 added antenna wire and gave his tiny Russian fighter a full weathering job to better show the tough conditions this fighter worked under during WW2. The MiG-3 is an attractive aircraft and this one is a beauty. This set is designed for the MiG and Su Feb to Sept Jim Court is here with something very special indeed.

A beautifully done and very cool float plane model to see on ARC. May 27 — June 6 Battle of Sardarabad , a phase of the invasion of Armenia. May 21—29 Battle of Abaran , a phase of the invasion of Armenia. May 21—29 Artillery bombardment of Paris. Waldek chose the complicated desert camo paint scheme and used the markings from an aftermarket sheet to pull it all together.

I love the look of the finished model. For markings Shawn chose a Super Hornet involved in the air to air missile downing of a Syrian Su This detail set is designed for the Trumpeter MiG May 27 — June 6 Battle of Karakilisa , a phase of the invasion of Armenia. May 24—28 Battle of Sardarabad , a phase of the invasion of Armenia.

Dragan doesn't give the kit high marks, but I do give his finished model high marks. It looks quite good. Phil Flip Marchese is here with something very cool indeed. This Photo Etch Cut-Off Set - Standard is designed to hold the photo etch fret as you remove parts from the photo etch fret. This is a big help so parts don't go flying into your carpet or parts unknown. I just got it sorted and they seem to be fine now. Shawn used some aftermarket decals and parts to finish his Canadian Sea King and in his article he has included a photo of 8 of his Sea Kings.

It is working now, although the tech support was unable to find the problem. May 23 Battle of Sardarabad , a phase of the invasion of Armenia. Dragan added seatbelts then finished the rest of his Israeli Mosquito out of the box along with some aftermarket decals.

It's a great looking Mossie. He chose some excellent markings complete with Dragon artwork for a Polish chopper. His finished model does look very good indeed. Straker65 added some aftermarket detail items and gave his Hunter some careful weathering over a flawless paint job. Thomas explains the story for this armored flying saucer in his article.

This tiny MiG is finished in North Korean markings complete with a great looking camo. Phil Flip Marchese is here with something different and quite pleasant today. It is very cool to see these older car models on ARC. Feb to Sept No update today. My wife are heading out of town for the day. The attractive camo is for a French Air Force jet with a drop tank and very subtle weathering.

I love the camo on this one. Detailed mechanisms are included on the undersides of each pylon. Each set includes 4 pylons and optional brackets that can be posed in a variety of different configurations.

This detail set is designed for the Italeri kit. Trotsky orders the arrest of the Czechoslovak Legion, but they revolt and seize several towns along the Transiberian Railway. Feb to Sept Sertac Bayar is here with a double header. Sit back and enjoy these, both are a treat to see and I'm honoured to have them here on ARC.

Jens finished his Ju with night fighter radar and markings for a aircraft that operated out of the Netherlands during Jens does beautiful work and the job he did on the building, detailing and painting is amazing. I loved seeing this one. This is his Showtime from that fateful day 46 years ago. His article is a very interesting read and his model and in-flight diorama is the usual first class display we see from SK Loh.

Sit back and enjoy. This is a glider with a bomb that would be dropped from a "mother ship" and glide to the bomb release point. A very interesting design that I guess falls into the Luft '46 category. Thomas always builds some very interesting models that I love to see on ARC. Carmel finished it as a modern looking aircraft from the Slovak Republic Air Force using aftermarket decals. Carmel's photos are first class all the way as usual.

May 8 Artillery bombardment of Paris. Dragan added seatbelts to dress up the cockpit and finished it with Iranian markings using aftermarket decals. This set is designed for the Trumpeter kit. My wife arrived home yesterday after 9 weeks visiting family and I've been busy welcoming her back home. It will never be ratified. May 7 Artillery bombardment of Paris. Apr 30 — May 4 Artillery bombardment of Paris. I always enjoy seeing Rafi's latest model on ARC.

Waldek Pupar is here with the most amazing Su you will ever see. Waldek added a full weapons load and just the perfect amount of weathering. I love the look of this Su Klaasjan finished his Eagle as a US jet complete with weapons, droptanks and added scratchbuilt detailing.

The finished model is a joy to see. Very cool indeed Shawn. Each sets includes 2 complete missiles with electrical umbilicals and seeker head covers. V early - Hispano 20mm cannon barrels in fairings from Master. Waldek gave his Zero weathering to further show off the detail. The finished model looks exceptional. Carl used bare metal foil to accent the bare metal areas of his airliner with great effect.

I love the look of the finished model and Carl's article is a very good read. Dragan added seatbelts and HUDs to dress up the cockpit along with pitot tube and then chose the attractive jungle scheme of the Indonesian Air Force to finish this gem. Mike explains the building process as well as his well thought out technique for doing the rigging.

He has included many in-progress photos to show the lovely quality of this model. The paint scheme is simply stunning. Thanks for sharing Mike. The results are disappointing for the Germans. Apr 7—29 Artillery bombardment of Paris. Straker65 dressed up the cockpit and lights with added detailing before giving his bent wing bird a full weathering job.

The finished model is a top notch replica of the real fighter. T his is not the easiest kit to build, but Michael breezed through it in style and ended up with a great looking jet in an attractive Polish camo scheme. Feb to Sept Waldek Pupar is here with a very special treat for you all.

The Swiss Air Force flew a variety of aircraft and all of them look fantastic in the camo and red and white national markings. Dragan upgraded the seatbelts, gun sight in the cockpit and added a new pitot tube to bring his model up to his usual high standards. I quite enjoyed seeing his Meteor on ARC. The base was signed by all the co-workers. The model and base were beautifully done and the finished diorama is quite pleasing to see. I got a real kick out of seeing this diorama.

Dietmar's extra effort and work certainly gave him a model to be proud of. Enjoy the photos, this Fairey Seafox is exceptional, especially when displayed on it's water base. Osvaldo also added photo etch seat belts and RBF tags to complete the realism in his excellent F Straker65 added a resin cockpit set and finished off his MiG with aftermarket decals.

I love the camo scheme on this one. Jens Gerber has chosen one of the most complicated camo scheme ever worn by an aircraft. Jens built his bomber out of the box and it is the painting and weathering that really make this model exceptional. Enjoy his 25 photos First Battle of Kemmelberg , a phase of Operation Georgette.

Waldek finished his fighter in Swiss markings complete with weathering. Patrick rescribed the panel lines and then Patrick took on the task of finishing his F-5 in a faded and weathered Greek camo scheme. No doubt about it, Patrick got this one looking perfect, which is impressive considering the fit of this kit.

Victor chose an excellent weapons configuration and gave his Seahawk a truly outstanding weathering job. I love the look of his finished chopper. Mark has included some great history about the development and design features of the P and then he goes on to show you his four P It doesn't get much better than this and as usual the build quality is top notch. You can see more of Mark's great articles here on ARC by clicking the link at the bottom of his article.

This is not the most perfect kit, but Dragan is a skilled modeller and his finished Russian airliner looks excellent. I love the markings on this jet. Feb to Sept Jean-Charles Goddet has a passion for great looking camo and his model today is no exception. I love the camo schemes Jean-Charles chooses for his models and you can see more of them by clicking the link at the bottom of his article.

Jens is very skilled with his airbrush and weathering and you will see that as you enjoy the photos of his Apr 10—11 Battle of Hazebrouck , a phase of Operation Georgette. This Spit is built out of the box with some stunning weathering to give this tropical Spitfire a very realistic look. I was quite impressed how nice this one turned out. Dragan added seatbelts and a gun sight to upgrade his Nesher and then finished it in the famous Israeli desert camo scheme.

Feb to Sept H. The model is a radar equipped float plane fighter and Davis put quite a bit of thought into the design as you will learn when you read his article. Welcome to ARC Davis I love the work you did on your Seacat. Michael added an resin cockpit which required a fair bit of work to fit and then used aftermarket decals to finish his scooter as a bird from He accurately captured the weathered look for his USMC jet.

This one is a beauty, enjoy the photos. This set includes 2 seats. Welcome to ARC Marcelo. David lists all his modification in his article and I was quite impressed by the work he did on this stunning X This detail set is designed for the HK Model kit. Mar 30 — Apr 5 Artillery bombardment of Paris. Jens overcame the challenge to build it into a great looking model in it's bare metal finish. I love the job he did on the bare metal finish and weathering.

It's a treat to see this Spit on ARC. I've been focusing on getting my back sorted. Sunel scribed some of the panel lines and then gave it a Euro camo scheme and finished it with weathering and custom made markings for a Philippines Air Force Herc. The end result is one sharp looking C This detail set is designed for the Hobby Boss kit. I pulled a small muscle in my back a few days ago and have been dealing with some very sobering back pain. On this site you will find Queen Elizabeth II Variable.

European Union Europe Day. If you can't get back into the ARC forums Shawn improved the detailing on his Starfighter and then finished in one of the most iconic paint schemes worn by a Canadian CF This is one big and impressive looking RCAF model.

This is a challenging kit but in the hands of a skilled modeller, it does build into a great looking model as you will see in Dragan's photos.

WW1 Events - this date in Ufa Conference: Democratic People's Republic of Korea. First use of V-2 rocket lands Chiswick area of London Pakistan Air Force Day. Swaziland Independence and National Day. Mike Muth begins today's update with his 17th model on ARC. Slovak Republic Constitution Day. Singapore Air Force Day.

Trinidad and Tobago National Day. Kyrgyz Republic National Day. Polish Military Aviation Day. We have forest fires in my province and my city has been blanketed in smoke for the past week which has made work at my 2 jobs very tiring. Duncan joins us today with his 2 stunning Skyhawks. Republic of Korea National Day. Peacekeeping Day in Canada. In memory of 9 peacekeepers killed on Aug 9 Leslie Choy begins this special update to honour Singapore.

Cote d'lvoire National Day. WW1 Events - this date in Spanish Flu virus mutates: Russia - End of Kursk operation Croatian Victory Day or Dan Domovinske zahvalnosti. Burkina Faso National Day. Switzerland - Foundation of the Swiss Confederation. Korean War Armistice Date Charlies Rodriguez is here with a classic beauty today. Gavin Parnaby is here with a gem today.

WW1 Events - this date in Nicholas II and his family are executed by the Bolsheviks, out of fear that they might be released by Czechoslovak and White troops. Jay Vlad joins us today with his 3rd model on ARC. Sao Tome and Principe Independence Day. Mongolia National Celebration Day. Invasion of Sicily - Allied Landings at Sicily in Frederic Cottin is here with a sci-fi ship we all know so well. Solomon Islands National Day. Cape Verde National Day.

United States of America Independence Day. No update today, I got tied up working back to back shifts at my 2 jobs. Order of Malta - St. Luxembourg - National Day and. Official Birthday of H. Martin Doman is here with his second model on ARC. Iceland Anniversary of the Establishment of the Republic.

United Kingdom - Official Celebration of the. End of Falklands War. Mike Krahn joins us today with his first article on ARC. WW1 Events - this date in Action of Arsuf. D-Day - Allied Landings in France in Battle of Midway Western Samoa Independence Celebration Day.

Jim Court is here with something very special indeed.

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